Massimiliano Sorvillo

Violinist • Musician Storyteller • Composer & Producer

About me

Starting from a harmonic approach to the violin, encompassing both classic and modern studies, I have arrived at an innovative mix – something totally unique.

The concept of crossover music has pushed me to overcome conventional stylistic confines in music. The fusion of Classical, Pop, Rock, Jazz and R’n’B allows me to create and express moments of emotion in and from life, offering new sounds where only music can express the otherwise inexpressible.

This union of experimentation and originality-  together with the expressivity of the playing and in the writing of music, are important elements in developing lasting memories for those who listen.

Music has no sembiance, it’s like a dream:
it exists only if it is played, and takes shape
in the mind of the listener ” Ennio Morricone