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Music repertory registered with the Italian Society for Authors’ Rights


Composer & Producer

Crossing the various genres is the main part of my work, together with composing and producing music: a creative process that gives life to each work and conceives this as integral to the final product.

“…In love as in Art, constancy is everything. Music is also intangible, it has no guise, it is like a dream: it exists only if it is played, it takes shape in the mind of the listener. It is not like poetry, that does not need to be interpreted because words have their meanings. Music can be interpreted in various ways: a composition for a war scene can be as intense as a tune that accompanies a frenetic dance…” [Ennio Morricone]

From classical music to chamber music, from soundtracks to modern sounds, we perceive a fusion of sounds, tones and silences that combine in time and space; an intense connection that varies from the mere orchestral form to the elevation of the synthesizer, just like a marriage between the pentagram and the sampler – Art and Science at the same time.