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Have you considered an extra touch for your wedding? That special detail that really makes all the difference? Something universal, that something that only music can offer.

“…Certainly we watch and listen to a film … but it’s the music that represents what is not said and what you don’t see…” [Ennio Morricone]

With an attentive selection of tunes, together with my all-round knowledge of music, you will be able to share the emotions, joy and fun with your guests, whatever their tastes. If you opted to follow a religious ceremony, choose classic compositions, soothed by the suggestive melodies of the violin; if yours will be a civil ceremony, you might decide on soundtracks or contemporary scores. If your ideas run to other nuptial rites you could consider Celtic, Irish or secular music – in fact any music that best fits YOUR ceremony. Everything awaits you … ready to surprise you. We will help to make your day even more special, creating with you a unique program to make your dreams come true.